A day in Miami

As part of our holiday to Orlando, we booked an overnight trip to Miami with Florida Dolphin Tour through Orlando Tickets Deals. For £301 we got transport from Rosen Inn International Hotel on International Drive for the 2 days, entrance to the everglade park where we got to look around the zoo seeing all the animals and then have a fan boat ride around the everglade’s. We were taken to a Florida mall where we could walk around and do some shopping for a few hours. We got an overnight stay in a hotel that was a block away from the beach and got left to our own devices for the rest of the day. The next morning, we got up early to be taken to Key Largo so that I could swim with dolphins. We then got driven back to Miami to have some time walking around and then got driven back to Orlando.

The stop in the everglades was brilliant, I love animals so seeing alligators up close was an experience. We also got to hold baby alligators after a talk, the mouths were tapped up so there was no chance of getting nipped. There was other animals like snakes, owls, lizards, etc so it was fun seeing those. The boat ride was for about half an hour and the driver was loads of fun telling us about the everglades. He didn’t tell us until we were out on the everglades that the sound of the fan was almost the same sound that a male alligator makes when they are defending their territory. He didn’t tell us this until we had stopped right out in the everglades and saw an alligator checking us out. It came right up my side of the boat, I had decided to sit right on the edge so I could see and I definitely got an eyeful haha.

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The Florida Mall was great, loads of shops, bars and restaurants. We had great fun drinking cocktails in different bars, we had dinner and I got my favourite perfume, Paco Rabanne Black Excess for a bargain price even for Miami.

The hotel we stayed in was more like a night club but it was still comfortable and the bar was giving out free drinks for an hour in the evening. It was great how close to the beach the hotel was, it was just a block away from South Beach. We were lucky enough to see the sunset there and it was beautiful.

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The dolphin swim was out of this world. My husband could go with me but he wasn’t doing the dolphin swim so he got to stand at the side and take lots of pictures on my phone for me. There was lots of us there but we were separated into small groups so we got lots of time on our own with the dolphins. The dolphins did lots of little tricks like jumping over a pole, pushing me across the pool by my feet, dancing and more. I absolutely loved it.

We had a tour guide called Madeline who was amazing, she knew so much, even when we pestered her with questions. She was a complete delight to talk to as well, she as so friendly and chatty. She was also the minibus driver so she was with us the whole time. She was also good at giving us recommendations for restaurants.


The minibus we were in was great, it had comfy seats, aircon, free wifi and a DVD player so they put films on for us to watch. It’s a lot of driving so you will need to make sure that you take a book, download some films or just take things to keep you entertained in case you don’t like the films that are shown.

So to recap, that’s transport, everglades stop, Florida mall stop and overnights stay with both of us and a dolphin swim for me, my husband didn’t want to do it. I think that was the most amazing bargain of our whole holiday. £301 for all of that.

I would recommend them to anyone and would gladly use them again and again.

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