Cocktail Master Class

Just before Christmas, I was having a good look through Groupon (as I seem to have become a GroupOn addict haha) for things I could do with my mates and found that Bar Chocolate in Maidstone were doing cocktail master classes.
Sounded like a total hoot so I got the voucher, roped in my friend Tammy to come with me and we had a brilliant time!
Like a lot of people, I love a good cocktail! Especially Pina Colada, that is my absolute favourite cocktail so that was the first cocktail I asked for us to make.
Our cocktail teacher was Charlie who was very funny, confident in what he does and made the whole time really fun.

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We made Long Island Ice Teas, Blue Coral and Tazy.
The Tazy was meant to a Pina Coladas but we ended up making our own cocktail and combining our names to call is a Tazy. I’m glad that I took a video of Charlie making it as I will need it in order to make them another time haha.
We made each cocktail one at a time, watching how Charlie made them. Unfortunately, because he was working he couldn’t enjoy his cocktails with us so we shared the one he made. Can’t have it going to waste haha.
We did all the mixing and pouring ourselves.
Everything we needed was there, there was no extra charges for anything, we were there for about an hour and left a little bit tipsy haha.
I would highly recommend one of these cocktail classes, they would be great for hen nights, birthdays and any excuse to go out with your mates for a good night.

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Muggleton Inn

This place has 2 stages.

Stage 1 is during the day when most people go in for food and a few drinks. It is quite a nice atmosphere, some people bring their kids in for something eat. They will show football matches and have drinks deals on.

Stage 2 is from about 7pm when people start coming in on a night out. The tables and chairs aren’t put away like they used to so it gets very crowded very quickly and very loud where everyone is talking at the same time. There isn’t any music playing so this is really just somewhere to start a night out because they have some cheap drinks deals like 2 jugs of cocktails for £12.

There are 2 floors in the building with lots of seating and a bar on each floor but the toilets are upstairs so if you don’t want a long walk to the toilet, you are better off sitting upstairs. There isn’t a lift but for anyone that is unable to use the stairs and will need the toilet, there is a disabled toilet on the ground floor so no need to worry. You will just need to ask for the key at the bar and someone will unlock it for you.

A lot of the food is priced quite cheaply and isn’t too bad. My husband and I really like the spicy buffalo chicken wings which are under the “3 dishes for £10” section in the menu. This section is great if there is 2 or 3 of you and none of you are too hungry as it works out at £3.33 each and you can get chicken wings, chicken stripes, chips with cheese and bacon on top, spicy king prawns, things like that. We normally get 2 bowls of the chicken wings and then a bowl of loaded chips, it is perfect for the 2 of us and we have eaten for £10, bargain.

My mum loves the fish and chips and my dad loves the ham, egg and chips here. If I’m not having the chicken wings, I love the curries, some of them can be quite spicy.

They do a brilliant full English breakfast which is served until 12 noon. A large breakfast which is 2 fried eggs, bacon, 2 sausages, baked beans, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes and 2 slices of toast for £4.99!! The one down from that is 1 of everything for £3.40 and the small breakfast is also a childs breakfast which is a fried egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans and hash browns for £2.95. They do have vegetarian options, American-style pancakes and a gluten-free option too. My husband and I have enjoyed the large breakfast in here many times before setting off to do some shopping. Sometimes the bacon can be very salty and hash browns a little bit crispy but the sausages, the baked beans and the eggs are always nice.

Before you order food, double check the manager’s specials which is normally written on little displays at the bar. I’ve had a few curries from the manager’s special list and they were only £3.99.

If it is busy when you visit, download the Wetherspoon app as you can order food and drinks from your table without having to leave your table. You can register a card or pay via PayPal with the app, I have my PayPal linked to mine. This app is also great if you are on your own as you don’t have to worry about going up to the bar to order food and then find out that someone has taken your table when you get back. Plus, it works in any Wetherspoons, just make sure you check you have selected the right pub or someone is another pub will be getting your food haha.

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A Cold Day In Leysdown

Today was a great day, no one had any plans so my husband and I packed up the car, picked up my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, little nephew and my dog Lady for a spur of the moment trip to Leysdown.


We knew there wouldn’t be much open but I didn’t realise that there isn’t much to be open in the first place. It’s one street with some arcades, a few cafes, a pub, a fish and chip shop, a band stand, some shops, a caravan park and a beach.

It was freezing cold and windy so we stayed in the arcades as much as possible to stay warm. Lucky enough, we could take Lady in with us so that one of us didn’t have to “volunteer” to stand outside with her

There was two places open that did food, they were a little cafe in one of the arcades and the fish and chip shop at the top of the street. We couldn’t take Lady in either of them so we didn’t have anything to eat. It’s a shame as fish and chips by the sea is one of those must-do things.

There is a little beach but the tide was in when we were there so didn’t get to have a walk along it. It’s a sand beach which would have been nice.

We mainly had fun getting my nephew to go on the little kids rides in the arcade. They all ranged from 50p to £1, we got a range of emotions from happy to yawning lol. There’s plenty of the old traditional 2p machines, fruit machines, shoot-um-ups, grabbers and then a few other arcade games.

The only ATMs we found charged you to take money out, they ranged from £1.50 to £1.95 so try to remember to get cash out before getting there if you don’t want to pay a withdrawal charge.

It’s definitely a place you need to visit in the summer, it will be warmer, more people and more open. I don’t know what the people on the caravan park are up to who are there now lol. I look forward to going back in the summer to get a different view of the place

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A Day In Canterbury

I have always thought of 3 things when it comes to Canterbury and they are students, history and shopping.

Canterbury has Canterbury College, Eliot College, Hadlow College, Kent Canterbury College and Canterbury Christ Church University so there are a lot of students during term time. We had to endure a group of about 15 students in a pub one Saturday who all sounded like they were drunk by 2pm and were all been deaf as they were shouting at each other instead of talking normally. It was unpleasant but it is not the case in all the pubs in Canterbury, some are student free so they are quieter and a better atmosphere. The students mainly go into Wetherspoons pubs so stay clear of those unless you manage to go in on a “quiet” day.

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You know when you have reached Canterbury as you will start to see the ruins of the castle walls and houses that were built hundreds of years ago. I love all the history, it is everywhere you go here, everywhere you look.

You can even tell by looking at some of the shops which ones are new and which ones have been standing nearly as long as the ruins. The architecture has been crafted so perfected perfectly and is still standing even after hundreds of year. A show of true craftsmanship to the people who built and created the buildings.

The cathedral is absolutely amazing and if you get the chance, definitely have a look around for a few hours. You have to pay to go in, it’s £12.50 for adults and £8 for children, they have ticket options for seniors, families, etc so book online to get the best prices.

One place that is a must for me is the Canterbury Tales, it’s so much fun for the whole family and if you keep an eye on Groupon for vouchers, it’s not hugely expensive.

Other then London, there isn’t many places that I know that have as many shops as Canterbury. Every little street leading off the high street has more shops to explore. There is every type of shop you could hope for, one being an amazing old fashioned sweet shop called Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop which has all the sweets in jars behind the counter so you can decide how many yummy sweets you want to get.

There is the Marlow Theatre with regular performances if you fancied catching a show. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few musicals there and never had any complaints.

If you are going on a group, check out Groupon and Wowcher before going as there are usually some great deals on river boat rides, ghost walks and restuarant that may take your fancy.

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Canterbury is quite easy to get as there is 2 train stations (Canterbury West and Canterbury East) and the bus station. There’s loads of parking but on weekends car parks can fill up quickly so get there early

If you like bargains, there’s are a countless numbers of charity shops, it felt like we came out of one and was going into another in less than 30 seconds.

Canterbury is an amazing place, the atmosphere is so lifting when you are walking round the streets. It’s perfect for a girls weekend away or a romantic weekend. It would be amazing to check into one of the many hotels in Canterbury, shopping and walking around in the day, maybe even go on one of the river tours to see more of the historical side of Canterbury. Go out to dinner, there is countless restaurants to pick from and go to see a show at the Marlow Theatre before going back to the hotel.

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