Cocktail Master Class

Just before Christmas, I was having a good look through Groupon (as I seem to have become a GroupOn addict haha) for things I could do with my mates and found that Bar Chocolate in Maidstone were doing cocktail master classes.
Sounded like a total hoot so I got the voucher, roped in my friend Tammy to come with me and we had a brilliant time!
Like a lot of people, I love a good cocktail! Especially Pina Colada, that is my absolute favourite cocktail so that was the first cocktail I asked for us to make.
Our cocktail teacher was Charlie who was very funny, confident in what he does and made the whole time really fun.

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We made Long Island Ice Teas, Blue Coral and Tazy.
The Tazy was meant to a Pina Coladas but we ended up making our own cocktail and combining our names to call is a Tazy. I’m glad that I took a video of Charlie making it as I will need it in order to make them another time haha.
We made each cocktail one at a time, watching how Charlie made them. Unfortunately, because he was working he couldn’t enjoy his cocktails with us so we shared the one he made. Can’t have it going to waste haha.
We did all the mixing and pouring ourselves.
Everything we needed was there, there was no extra charges for anything, we were there for about an hour and left a little bit tipsy haha.
I would highly recommend one of these cocktail classes, they would be great for hen nights, birthdays and any excuse to go out with your mates for a good night.

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