Swimming With Dolphins at Dolphin Plus in Key Largo


There are no words to describe what an amazing morning I had at Dolphins Plus getting to finally swim with dolphins.

Like a lot of people, this was something that I had wanted to do since I was a little kid and was completely over the moon when my husband found the trip with this experience included.

The staff were all amazing, they were completely professional but made sure that everyone was having a great time.


I especially loved the fact that when I looked up Dolphin Plus, it wasn’t like other centres who offered swimming with dolphins. Their dolphins aren’t kept in a tank, they live in a beautiful big natural seawater lagoon that is connected to the ocean. They are involved in lots of marine research, all the staff are highly trained and they really care about their dolphins. They look after their dolphins so well that there is one called Samantha who is 34 years old!! How amazing is that! Check out their website.

We booked this through a tour operator called Orlando Ticket Deals as they provided a hotel, transport and a Everglade fan bat ride in our 2 day trip.

We arrived and went straight through the shop to the back porch where our tour guide went inside to get our wristbands. My husband wasn’t doing the dolphin swim so he got a red wristband while I got a blue one. He was allowed to sit at the side of the lagoon

We had a quick talk from the staff explaining what was going to happen during our visit and then we all got changed into our swim gear. We had to have life jackets on, you need to make sure that it is tight on you so that it doesn’t keep popping up like it did for me. I wish I had forced myself into the size smaller now so I didn’t have to keep pulling it back down.

Then we went down to the very back where there is a pool and the dolphins waiting for you. You are put into little groups and you take it in turns with the dolphins. I was grouped with a little girl and her dad so I went first having 5 minutes, then we swapped so they had a go and then swapped again a few more times. That way we all had lots of time with the dolphins but no one was standing around for a long time.

The dolphins were brilliant, the trainers tell you how to get them to do tricks. I loved superman as I was on the other side of the pool on my front, the dolphins then pushed me by my feet across the pool and looked like superman haha. You also get a kiss from a dolphin, dance with them, they let you rub their bellies and so much more.

They have professional photographers for each little group who take pictures of you throughout your experience. They have lots of different packages starting off from 5 prints for about $20 to all of the pictures on a memory stick for $80.

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As I am very big on having photos, I went with the memory stick as there was about 70 pictures and I just couldn’t pick 5 as my favourites. The pictures were absolutely amazing, I love them all.

There are showers and changing rooms so make sure you have towels with you but if you do forget one, they sell them in the shop.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone as I had such a brilliant time.

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