Lead Up to The Road Trip




Prepping the car

Hello there,

Welcome to my diary in the lead up to The Unplanned Road Trip.

Here you will hear about how we prepare for the trip.


New Car – we were planning on doing the trip in our Renault Scenic, Betsy, but alas, she has given up on life and will be heading to the scrap yard this weekend. #ripbetsy. The good news though is that we have a new car, it is a Woltsvagan Passat that I have named Dougie, #longlivedougie! He’s an automatic so the driving part of the trip just became a whole lot easier haha.

Nottingham – Was messaging my sister last night about the trip as it will be ending with a trip to visit her and she has given me loads of lists of things that we can do while we are up there. Might need to try and get there a day earlier to fit more things in haha.


Trying not to plan – I’m not going to lie, not booking things is driving me crazy. I know some places that I would really like to go to but I am doing my best not to look into them too much as I will have to use all of my will power to NOT book anything. I’m very much a book in advance sort of person so you can imagine just how crazy this is making me haha.


Keeping the memories – I’m big on keeping mementos from trips and days out like tickets, menus, visitor maps, etc. So I’ve been thinking of something I can keep that will show everywhere we have been and I’ve come up with the idea of getting a map of the UK and drawing our route on it each day. Might even frame it afterwards with tickets and things stuck on it after we get home. I think that would be very cool.


Prepping the car – Seeing as I can’t plan anything for the road trip, I’m making sure that our car, Dougie, has everything that it needs for road trip. We have an electric pump to put air in the tyre, a tyre tread gauge and a new battery seeing as the old one died on us the other day. We use Euro Car Parts for all our car needs so I downloaded the app and been looking for things we might need. Looking at break down kits at the moment.


English Heritage – I’ve been thinking about signing up to English Heritage for ages as my parents are members but since my lovely Monsters over at Monster Voyage joined, it’s inspired me to sign up too. For a joint membership, the direct debit isn’t even £9 a month and you get free entry to so many amazing places around the UK. I’ll definitely be checking it during this road trip to see what historic sights we can have a good look around.

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