Lovely Food At The Old West

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 This place is brilliant!

 Loads of different beers from all over the world, a good cocktail list and amazing food.

 One thing I will say is don’t expect small portions, everything we saw come out for other people as well as our own food was huge portions. And all delicious!

 We didn’t have to wait long for food either, the service time between ordering the food and it coming to the table was great and it was a bit busy as well.

I had the BBQ ribs with chips, there wasn’t any room for anything else on the plate haha. The ribs meat was just falling off the bone, absolutely perfect. My husband had a burger that looked like it was as big as his head and even though he said it was an amazing burger, he just couldn’t eat it all. We got mozzarella sticks as a side dish but didn’t get through them all as there was just so much food. 

I loved all the wild west and drinks memorabilia on the walls, its like a mini museum of the world.

The staff were great too, really friendly and chatty when it wasn’t busy.

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We had been in Pompeii for 6 days and only found Old West on the last day as it is a little bit hidden from the main street, if we had come across it earlier, I think we would have gone in there every day haha.


So if you want really good food that isn’t badly priced, get yourself to Old West!!

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