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I love flying with Thomas Cook, they are brilliant.
My mum needs assistance to the plane as she is disabled so the lady on the check-in desk made sure it was all arranged for her at Gatwick and at the airport in Menorca.
We checked in our hold luggage the night before as it was a morning flight, so that the next day, we just had to walk into the airport and go through security. This is such a great option to have so that you have that little bit longer in bed if you are staying nearby.
The cabin crew were great, we were the first on the plane and they made sure that we were comfortable before the other passengers were due to start boarding.
The flight was 2 hours but there was a meal included. I was very silly and dropped mine as she handed it to me and it went under the seat in front so I couldn’t reach it. The lady very kindly gave me a spare one as some people further behind hadn’t taken one. The meals were by the chef James Martin and they were very nice. As it was a morning flight, we were given breakfast which was a sausage, little potato hash browns, bacon, mash and some baked beans. I thought it was all really nice, I’ve had breakfast on planes before and the food didn’t look appetizing, let alone taste nice but this meal was really good. It came with a little bread roll and fruit pot as well, perfect little meal to start the day. I was quite glad that we hadn’t eating in Gatwick as I would have missed out.
I also flew with Thomas Cook when I went on my last trip to Kos. Going out was fine as we had the 2 seats at the very back of the plane giving us our own little area and a bit of extra room.
On the way home though, we had a problem. We hadn’t been able to book the same seats going home and the lady in the Thomas Cook shop had said that the 2 seats next to the emergency exits half way down the plane have more room so we should be comfortable. My husband and I are on the big side so when we sat in the seats, I just about got into my seat but my husband couldn’t get into his. The armrest in the middle didn’t lift up and the sides of the chairs where solid metal that didn’t move.  We spoke to the stewardess who managed to find him another seat but it was 5 rows behind me. I had to sit on my own for take off and landing but he came and perched himself on the seat to be with me during the flight.
We got a meal on both flights that was quite nice. Going out was BBQ chicken with vegetables and some cheese and crackers. Going home was roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing. Very tasty and although they looked like small meals, they were quite filling. I loved the dark chocolate mint mouse, I didn’t think I would like it but it was so yummy.
I would gladly fly with Thomas Cook again.

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