Tips for Universal Studios in Orlando

If you are from the UK, book tickets before you go on your holiday. If you are going through a travel agent then they may be able to help you. We went to Orlando through Thomson and could get our tickets straight from them. We got a 3 park ticket which covered Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Wet n Wild. Wet n Wild closed on New Years Eve 2016 so we got to have a few days where before it closed. the tickets were £157 each so it was a total bargain. There are plenty of sites that offer park tickets so make sure that you shop around before booking any tickets. If you book through a travel agent, they may let you add at the price of attractions or tickets onto the price of your holiday so you don’t have to pay out a lot of money in one go.

It can be very expensive buying food and drinks around the park so take snacks with you, especially if you have kids. There are plenty of places to eat on the way round but they are all on the pricy side.

You have get a litre cup for soft drinks about $14 and you can then fill it up unlimited times throughout the day at the fill up points around the parks. There is a chip in the bottom of the cup so you can’t stand at the fill up station filling up empty bottles as the station will only give you enough to fill up the cup which has to be in the machine. You can also keep it if you are going to go back another day as it will be $7 to reactivate it. You take it to any of the restaurants to reactive it and then start using the filling up stations straight away. This will at least save you from taking drinks with you or having to buy lots and lots of bottles of drinks as you walk around. It is a thick plastic cup with a lid and a big straw, I wouldn’t throw it around or hold it upside down though, it does leak.

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To get your moneys worth, get to the park at least an hour before your ticket allows so that you can go through the ticket booth or the gates just before or on time. The park doesn’t close until late most days so if you can brave it, stay there as long as possible. Some of the rides can have waiting times of an hour or more so you will the time to get in the queues.

There are 3 queues for rides, general admission, fast track and single person. If you want to go on a ride but it has a long waiting time and you don’t mind that you may not be sat in the same row as your friends, go into the single person queue as this queue is used for filling up seats on the ride. This queue is usually a lot shorter so not as much waiting time.

If you are the sort of person that likes getting the pictures from the rides, ask at the ticket booth about their picture packages. The best we were offered was £100 for the pictures on all the rides. All you have to do is create an account at My Universal Photos and pick the package that you want. they when you get off the rides, you can show your barcode to the person on the till so that your pictures are saved to your account.

The souvenirs in the parks can be quite expensive, if you want plenty of souvenirs, go to the gift shops on International Drive as they have the same things as the Universal shops but a lot cheaper. I got official Universal t-shirts for $5 to $10 instead of $25 and upwards in the park. I also got a lot of Harry Potter key rings for $4 to $6 each instead of upwards of $10 in the park. Shows how much you can save by shopping around.

I hope these little tips help you on your trip to Universal

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