I love Brighton, it is one of those places where you will find something new each time you go because there are so many side streets, it’s like Brighton is a maze.

I always find a new bar or restaurant that I don’t remember seeing before.

Speaking of bars, you are never far from one, especially on the seafront where you will find an array of drinks menus that always include cocktails haha.

The beach is pebbles so don’t walk in with shoes on or you will end up is so much pain!! I learnt the hard way.


Brighton is a big student town because of the University and a lot of the students are from overseas so you will find that you bump into tour groups as you walk around with potential students looking around.

There are a lot of clubs and music venues dotted around Brighton, it feels like there is always someone performing somewhere. 

If you do anything while you are in town, you have to do the pier because there is so much going on along it. Games, restaurants, shops, seafood, souvenirs and a mini theme park at the very end. It was opened in 1899 and unlike the West Pier that was built in 1893 but closed in 1975 and fell into disrepair before 2 fires in 2003 left nothing but the steel frame which can be seen today.


One thing I really love about Brighton in the locals, they always seem so happy and ready to party with you. No matter when you go, there is something happening.

If you want to check out Brighton’s biggest party of the year, you need to go for Gay Pride. I unfortunately have not had the pleasure but just looking it up online shows how amazing and fun it is. I also know people that have been going for years because it is such a great atmosphere.