If you are heading off Dublin, here are my tips on making the most of your time

Wrap Up Warm
I went to Dublin for a long weekend in February and it was freezing cold, my friends and I spoke to some of the locals and they said it doesn’t get much warmer so wrapping up warm would be by first tip. A nice thick jumper, woolie socks and some thermals would be my suggestion. My husband’s nan used to live in Dublin and when she heard that we were going she said “Dublin has a different sort of cold, it gets right into your skin”. I didn’t know what she meant until we got there and I learnt the hard way of what she meant so wrap up warm.
Take An Open Top Bus Tour
Not all the best sites to see are within walking distance of the town center but they are all on the Open Top Bus Tour routes. We used City Sightseeing Dublin and we had a great time. The deal I got at the time was 18.70 Euros each so it was about £15 each for 48 hour passes which I thought was great. It definitely saved us a lot of money that could of been spent on taxis. If you get the right drivers, they are hilarious and make learning about Dublin so much fun.
Do The Guinness Store Tour
I don’t like Guinness but my husband and our friends do like it so we all decided to go. I loved it all, there is so much to learn not just about how Guinness is made but the history of it and it’s maker Arthur Guinness. Did you know that he had 21 children?! Unfortunately, only 10 of the children survived to maturity but it meant that his wife, Olivia, was pregnant for half of her life. I kept getting told that Guinness tastes different in Dublin but it still didn’t taste nice to me, I feel like its a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. My husband profited from this though as he got my tester shot in the taster bit. Please check out my post on this in more details.
History Everywhere
Dublin is one of those places where there really is history everywhere. We had loads of fun learning about the Irish War of Independence. In the National Museum there is an exhibit about the people that they found in a bog and they have dated some of them as being over 1000 years old. I found it amazing as they still had hair, the bog had preserved them well. They also have a lot about the Romans that I found interesting to walk around. 
Make Sure You Check Out Madigan’s
This is a great bar with awesome staff, lovely food and a brilliant atmosphere. It is waiter service but you can go to the bar if you want to, the staff know what they are talking about when it comes to drinks.
Don’t Take Offense To The Music
Try to see a real traditional Irish band, it is the most amazing fun, if you are English don’t be too offended by the lyrics, they can be a little anti-English but if you do your homework on the history, you will soon see why. Otherwise, all the locals are really friendly and will happily sit and chat to you.
Don’t Mention Far And Away
We found out quite quickly that some of the lovely Dublin residents didn’t like the film and Tom Cruise’s attempt at an Irish accent (which we can all agree wasn’t that great). It was mentioned by 3 of our tour bus drivers saying it’s best not to mention it to locals so we didn’t haha.

All in all, Dublin is an amazing place to visit, I can’t wait to go back.