My little road trip to Normandy with my husband and parents was just amazing. I felt so chilled out and relaxed as the sun was shining nut it wasn’t really hot, it was perfect. 

My parents make this journey at least once a year to visit my grandfather’s grave. He is buried in a second world war cemetery. It is a beautiful place that is maintained by a local society who do an amazing job at looking after the site. It is quite upsetting being there because of how many are buried without names, sometimes it is just their regiment or their country if nothing else could be identified. I always think of the families of those poor men and boys, they don’t know where they are, they have no where to go to visit them and lay flowers by the head stones. To their families, they have been lost, never knowing when they died or what happened to them.  

The graves are mainly in sections by country but they are from every country. No one has been left out, they are all there together. Every country, every rank, army, navy, air force, everyone. 

Once we’d paid our respects to my grandfather, we went to a little village called Village Bocage for our hotel. It’s a sleepy village which basically has one really long main road with lots of little streets coming off of it.

The thing that really got us was that everything closed at 9pm except a pizza parlor. We had showered and got a bit dressed up thinking we would go out for dinner and could only find the pizza parlor haha. As you can imagine, it was packed with locals and a few tourists that were staying nearby.

A whole day of our trip was to Mont Saint Michel and oh my, it was amazing. When we were planning the trip and my mum said about us going, I asked her what it was like and she said “the French version of Hogwarts”. That is all I needed to know, it was in the trip.

It really was magical, just being on the bus and watching Mont Saint Michel becoming closer and closer was so exciting. Walking through the streets with all the little passageways felt like I was walking through Diagon Alley. Totally amazing!

I wish we’d had a longer trip to see more but that just means that we get to go again.