Thomas Cook

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I love flying with Thomas Cook, they are brilliant.
My mum needs assistance to the plane as she is disabled so the lady on the check-in desk made sure it was all arranged for her at Gatwick and at the airport in Menorca.
We checked in our hold luggage the night before as it was a morning flight, so that the next day, we just had to walk into the airport and go through security. This is such a great option to have so that you have that little bit longer in bed if you are staying nearby.
The cabin crew were great, we were the first on the plane and they made sure that we were comfortable before the other passengers were due to start boarding.
The flight was 2 hours but there was a meal included. I was very silly and dropped mine as she handed it to me and it went under the seat in front so I couldn’t reach it. The lady very kindly gave me a spare one as some people further behind hadn’t taken one. The meals were by the chef James Martin and they were very nice. As it was a morning flight, we were given breakfast which was a sausage, little potato hash browns, bacon, mash and some baked beans. I thought it was all really nice, I’ve had breakfast on planes before and the food didn’t look appetizing, let alone taste nice but this meal was really good. It came with a little bread roll and fruit pot as well, perfect little meal to start the day. I was quite glad that we hadn’t eating in Gatwick as I would have missed out.
I also flew with Thomas Cook when I went on my last trip to Kos. Going out was fine as we had the 2 seats at the very back of the plane giving us our own little area and a bit of extra room.
On the way home though, we had a problem. We hadn’t been able to book the same seats going home and the lady in the Thomas Cook shop had said that the 2 seats next to the emergency exits half way down the plane have more room so we should be comfortable. My husband and I are on the big side so when we sat in the seats, I just about got into my seat but my husband couldn’t get into his. The armrest in the middle didn’t lift up and the sides of the chairs where solid metal that didn’t move.  We spoke to the stewardess who managed to find him another seat but it was 5 rows behind me. I had to sit on my own for take off and landing but he came and perched himself on the seat to be with me during the flight.
We got a meal on both flights that was quite nice. Going out was BBQ chicken with vegetables and some cheese and crackers. Going home was roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing. Very tasty and although they looked like small meals, they were quite filling. I loved the dark chocolate mint mouse, I didn’t think I would like it but it was so yummy.
I would gladly fly with Thomas Cook again.

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Cocktail Master Class

Just before Christmas, I was having a good look through Groupon (as I seem to have become a GroupOn addict haha) for things I could do with my mates and found that Bar Chocolate in Maidstone were doing cocktail master classes.
Sounded like a total hoot so I got the voucher, roped in my friend Tammy to come with me and we had a brilliant time!
Like a lot of people, I love a good cocktail! Especially Pina Colada, that is my absolute favourite cocktail so that was the first cocktail I asked for us to make.
Our cocktail teacher was Charlie who was very funny, confident in what he does and made the whole time really fun.

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We made Long Island Ice Teas, Blue Coral and Tazy.
The Tazy was meant to a Pina Coladas but we ended up making our own cocktail and combining our names to call is a Tazy. I’m glad that I took a video of Charlie making it as I will need it in order to make them another time haha.
We made each cocktail one at a time, watching how Charlie made them. Unfortunately, because he was working he couldn’t enjoy his cocktails with us so we shared the one he made. Can’t have it going to waste haha.
We did all the mixing and pouring ourselves.
Everything we needed was there, there was no extra charges for anything, we were there for about an hour and left a little bit tipsy haha.
I would highly recommend one of these cocktail classes, they would be great for hen nights, birthdays and any excuse to go out with your mates for a good night.

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Lead Up to The Road Trip

Hello there,

Welcome to my diary in the lead up to The Unplanned Road Trip.

Here you will hear about how we prepare for the trip.

New Car – we were planning on doing the trip in our Renault Scenic, Betsy, but alas, she has given up on life and will be heading to the scrap yard this weekend. #ripbetsy. The good news though is that we have a new car, it is a Woltsvagan Passat that I have named Dougie, #longlivedougie! He’s an automatic so the driving part of the trip just became a whole lot easier haha.
Nottingham – Was messaging my sister last night about the trip as it will be ending with a visit her and she has given me loads of lists of things that we can do while we are up there. Might need to try and get there a day earlier to fit more things in haha.
Trying not to plan – I’m not going to lie, not booking things is driving me crazy. I know some places that I would really like to go to but I am doing my best not to look into them too much as I will have to use all of my will power to NOT book anything. I’m very much a book in advance sort of person so you can imagine just how crazy this is making me haha.
Keeping the memories – I’m big on keeping mementos from trips and days out like tickets, menus, visitor maps, etc. So I’ve been thinking of something I can keep that will show everywhere we have been and I’ve come up with the idea of getting a map of the UK and drawing our route on it each day. Might even frame it afterwards with tickets and things stuck on it after we get home. I think that would be very cool.
Prepping the car – Seeing as I can’t plan anything for the road trip, I’m making sure that our car, Dougie, has everything that it needs for road trip. We have an electric pump to put air in the tyre, a tyre tread gauge and a new battery seeing as the old one died on us the other day. We use Euro Car Parts for all our car needs so I downloaded the app and been looking for things we might need. Looking at break down kits at the moment.
English Heritage – I’ve been thinking about signing up to English Heritage for ages as my parents are members but since my lovely Monsters over at Monster Voyage joined, it’s inspired me to sign up too. For a joint membership, the direct debit isn’t even £9 a month and you get free entry to so many amazing places around the UK. I’ll definitely be checking it during this road trip to see what historic sights we can have a good look around.
Moving – We are getting ready to move house in the next few weeks so no time for researching anything for the trip. It’s a little bit sad but I will have plenty of time to catch up once we have moved and settled in.
Portsmouth – We were watching a documentary on the Mary Rose tonight and I didn’t realise that it was in Portsmouth. It looks so interesting that we have put it on our list of places to go. I’ve already looked up the tickets and it’s £6 cheaper by booking online so I have saved the website on my phone ready to book the tickets when the time comes.
Getting organised – Sean and I were having a chat over the weekend and decided that in order to keep the trip as super cheap as possible, we are going to buy a tent and stay at campsites. I’ve had a look and some of the campsites along the way are only £14 a night for a pitch so this trip could get super super cheap haha.
Camping gear – I have left it in the hands of my husband to research and find our camping gear while I stick to looking for attractions and cheap camp sites. We are such a good team.
Tent is ordered – After my lovely husband spent hours comparing different deals on lots of website as well as looking round camping shops, he has picked the tent we are going to have for the trip and ordered it. We are having a Swift 200 – 2 man pop up tent coming to us. Can’t wait for it to get here so we can try it out in the garden.
Ordering camping gear – we only have a few weeks left until the trip so we sat down and got some bits ordered. We have an air bed and some camping chairs on their way to us. Everything is starting to come together now.
Power bank arrived – I was a little worried about how to charge my phone on the trip as the cigarette socket in the car doesn’t always work so I ordered myself a solar charged power bank. It came today so I will be testing it out to see how it holds up over the next week. Don’t want to go on the trip and find out that it doesn’t work as well as I want it to.
Airbed has arrived – I’m no good with sleeping on the ground so I am so glad that the airbed has turned up. We don’t have a air pump for it but we are going to be using the electric air pump we have for the car tyres. Saved on getting all puffed out haha.
Cooking stuff – The toast holder and mess kit turned up today, very excited to think that I will still get to have toast in the mornings without burning the bread.
8 days to go! – Very excited that we are only 8 days away from starting the trip. I’ve been looking at apps that can track the trip so that I can see how many miles we’ve been. I want one that comes up in a map so that I can see all the places we drive through as well. I am testing out one called Trip Logbook at the moment.
Solar panel charger – the weather hasn’t been great here the last few days, lots of clouds and rain. I’ve had the charger on the windowsill at work since Monday at 9am and it’s still hasn’t charged up to the first bar yet. Little bit worrying but like I said, it’s been cloudy so hopefully it will charge up quicker when it is sunnier.
More deliveries – Today the postman brought me one of the blow up camping chairs we ordered and a light that we can hang from the ceiling in the tent. The chair apparently holds up to 270kgs and seeing as myself and my husband are on the larger side, it will be very interesting to see if this is true. 
New phone case – When I was in Kos last October, I had a waterproof case to put my phone in when I went swimming and snorkelling but because of the move, I have no idea where it has gone. So, I got myself a new one as I’ve heard of some great places to go snorkelling on the trip.
Stove has arrived – My lovely gas stove and the canisters have arrived today. So excited as this will save us so much money because we will be able to cook for ourselves. It won’t be anything special but it will be cheap and quick to cook. So lots of dishes based around baked beans, pasta and noodles. We will be eating out sometimes as well but that will be as treats.
My chair – We phoned the people that we ordered our chairs through because mine still hasn’t turned up even though it is exactly the same as my husband’s only to be told that it isn’t in stock and they don’t know when it will be. I had a moan saying that no one has told us it’s out of stock, if we had known I could have ordered a chair from somewhere else. Not happy with the lady’s response so we cancelled the chair and called my mum who has a spare camping chair I can borrow. Good old mum, always comes to my rescue haha.
One day to go – Can’t believe we leave for a trip tomorrow night. It’s come around so quickly. I know we are only going to my mum and dad’s for the first night to pick up some camping gear and be that little bit closer to Portsmouth but it’s still the start of the trip and I’m very excited.
Last few bits – Spent the evening double checking our stuff and going over my list of things to take. Also making sure that the power banks, phones and my tablet are charged up. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day at work but I’m hoping that I have loads of work to do to make it go quicker haha.

If you have any suggestions of places I can explorer on the trip, please fill in the contact form at the very bottom of the page or leave it in the comments below. Thanks – Suzy xx

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My Fear Of Flying

In 2006, it had been 12 years since I had flown on a plane and I was petrified. I couldn’t remember anything about my previous flights and the thought of going up in a plane horrified me but I wanted to go on holiday abroad so I either stayed in the UK or faced my fear.
I didn’t understand why but every time someone asked me if I was excited about my holiday, I would do my best to forget the fact I had to get on a plane. I only concentrated on what I was going to do while I was there, swimming, sunbathing, going to local markets, checking out the town and going on little road trips. The actual getting there part was pushed to the back of my mind.
Anyway, I was quite teary as we went through security but I did well not to full on blubber in front of everyone haha. I was taking slow deep breaths and reminding myself that thousands of people fly every day and they are all fine. The crew all knew what they were doing and would make sure we were safe.
It wasn’t until we were in the queue to board the plane that I really started to panic. I started crying, I was sweating buckets, shaking all over so much that I must have looked like a blur. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, it felt like my heart was beating so fast that it would burst right out of my chest like a scene out of an Alien film. The problem was, I didn’t even know what was making me so scared, I just couldn’t calm myself down. I held my husband’s (Sean) hand tightly and kept looking at the ground, concentrating on following the people in front of me.
We took our seats on the plane and I was still panicked, I thought that I would feel better once I was on the plane but I felt like I was having a heart attack while we were taking off. I even held my breathe when I felt the acceleration of the plane in order to get us into the air.
Once we levelled out, I did start to feel better, I even let go of Sean’s hand and tried to distract myself by reading a book (Harry Potter of course). It was only an hour flight so we were soon starting to land and the panic came rushing back. I just held onto Sean and closed my eyes tight waiting for a sign that the wheels of the plane were actually touching the ground. When we landed, I was one of those people who clapped purely because I was so happy to still be alive.
We were flying out to see my parents so as soon as I saw them in arrivals, I just ran to them, thankful it was over. For 2 weeks any way as I went through it all again on the way home.
It’s strange because my mum told me that the flights I took when I was younger, between the ages of 6 and 10, I was perfectly fine. I was looking out the window, I was being shown the cockpit (this was the late 80s/early 90s when it was allowed), I was quite happy but I have no memory of those flights. I remember parts of the holidays, I even have a picture of me meeting the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit but no memories of the airports or the flights.
I’m not sure what happened between the ages of 10 and 22 to scare me that much but it had left a mark in some way.
2 years later I flew to France again but this time on my own. I was trying to put a brave face for the whole thing but inside I was crying like a baby. Sean was meant to come with me but hadn’t got his passport renewed, I either had to go on my own or miss out on a holiday so I opted for the holiday.
I knew my mum was waiting for me at the other end which was a small comfort, I kept trying to focus on that and picturing the swimming pool. I must admit I did feel like a plonker sitting on my own at the gate facing away from people because I was crying. Didn’t help that when I looked round, I saw a little girl who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old point and laugh at me. I know she didn’t mean any harm, I just felt so stupid being scared of flying when I didn’t even know what I was scared of.
Lucky enough, the cabin crew on the flight were amazing. I said to one of the stewardess’ that I was scared of flying and on my own so she and the rest of the crew kept an eye on me during the flight.
When we landed, I nearly forgot to pick up my bag from baggage collection as I just wanted to get to my mum and give her a big hug. The flight home was the same, lots of crying and feeling stupid for being scared.
It wasn’t until my trip to visit family in Tasmania in 2012 with my mum and Sean where I took off and landed 4 times in less than 28 hours that I finally got over my fear of flying. It was one of those once in a lifetime trips that I couldn’t say no to and the thought of meeting family members that I had never met before was far too tempting.
We took off at Gatwick with me holding onto my Sean’s arm for dear life and bending my other arm around my seat (I was next to the window) to also hold my mum’s hand during take off, to landing in Hobart without a care in the world.
I truly believe that going through it that many times in a short space of time forced me to get over my fears. The flights home were fine, other than a sand storm at Dubai that delayed us by 5 hours but I only cried once and that was when we left Hobart because I didn’t want to leave my family behind.
Now when I fly, the only thing that bothers me is my ears popping on take-off and landing so I’ve had to learn a few tricks to help with that.
I understand people who are scared of flying because of turbulence as it can be very scary. That flight from Dubai in a sand storm was scary enough when we were told that we would be boarding and taking off while the storm was still happening. Everyone just looked at each other petrified but we got on the plane anyway. Taking off was the worst part, the plane was shaking with a big dip every now. I held onto Sean’s hand and did my best to concentrate on the film I had selected to watch but once we got above the clouds, it was amazing. Everything levelled out and I looked out of the window to a thunder storm lighting up the clouds, it was beautiful.
For anyone with a fear of flying, I would suggest working out why you are so scared. Is it fear of the unknown or turbulence? Have you watched too many films or tv shows about plane crashes? Or is it the idea of a plane made of metal somehow staying up in the air? Working out what makes you so scared will help. I really wish I had done a few of those tester flights that some airlines run to help people who have a fear of flying, it definitely would have helped me with my fear and maybe I wouldn’t have had so many flights in tears and panic.

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Mediterranean Sun


If you want lots of amazing food for cheap price, this is the place to go.

We kept getting told to try it when we got talking to other tourists and asked for recommendations so we finally went round 2 nights before we were going home and wished that we had gone sooner.

We loved it so much that we went back the next night as well and both times the food was amazing! My husband had the mixed grill both times which comes out on 2 plates because they give you so much food and it’s only €12.50! He couldn’t finish it all.

I had the spicy chicken wings which could have done with being spicier but that’s just my preference because I like really spicy food. The next night I had a sort of pulled pork curry which was just perfect. 


On our first visit, there was a couple on a table nearby and they said they had eaten there every night of their holiday because it was so cheap for the amount of food that you got. The gentleman said that he loved the tuna as it was fresh and you got 4 big tuna steaks. I saw it when it came out and wow, they were huge.

All the meals come with chips, rice and vegetables but they ask what you would like so you don’t have to have all 3 if you don’t want to, you can just have chips if you don’t want rice and vegetables. The vegetables are just peas and carrots.

The staff are all great, always smiling and ready to help whenever we asked them about the menu.


The restaurant is huge with inside and outside seating so plenty of room for everyone. It was quiet when we were there because it was October towards the end of the season so there aren’t as many tourists around.

We didn’t pay more than €24 on either night, a total bargain in my eyes.

Next time I am in Kardamena, I will most definitely be heading here for dinner.

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Scuba Diving For The First Time

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Scuba diving is always something that I really wanted to try and when I was doing my activities research for my trip to Kos, I found that there was a diving centre a 10 minute walk from my hotel. Taking the bull by the horns, I emailed the company and booked myself in for a 2 dive day trip.

The days leading up to the diving trip, my husband and I went snorkelling in the sea near our hotel. My logic was that if I could go snorkelling with no problems, scuba diving would be a breeze. How wrong was I!

On the day of the trip, I was so excited, we got to the diving centre early to get paid up and sort out my wet suit, I was very happy to find that they had one to fit me due to my size but they did say that if they couldn’t find one to fit me, I could just do the dive in my swimming costume. We had to wait for a few other people to turn up so we sat on a bench just chilling out.

When it was time to leave, we got on the boat and we were off. The journey to the diving site was about 20 minutes so everyone enjoyed the views along the way.

  • Me

I was sorted into my group and we had our safety briefing. All still great, I was still very excited and trying to remember all the sand signals.

**Note for the future, thumbs up means you want to go back to the surface so you have to do the “ok” sign to let everyone know you are ok.

Then my team got called to the back of the boat to have the equipment put on us and it felt like my heart was beating so fast that it would be a blur if you could see it. I had everything strapped on my back and I’m not going to lie, it was seriously heavy. I had a special jacket they the instructors could fill with air when we needed to go back to the surface or release the air so that we could float down to the bottom. We also had some little  weights put in pockets to make sure we would float down. Then I got told how to get in the water from the boat, this was the first time I panicked a little bit. I had to sit on the side of the boat with my back facing the sea, hold my mask with one hand, the respirator with the other and just fall backwards. I knew that there was 2 instructors in the water so I was going to be fine but my heart was now beating so fast that I thought it would burst out my chest and I was getting quite anxious. I felt really hot but I kept telling myself that it was because it was a hot day and I was in a wet suit.

“Stop being a prat and enjoy this!” A voice screamed at me as I fell backwards off the boat and hit the water. The instructor got hold of me straight away and pulled me up to the surface, everything was fine.

“Prat!” The voice said and I felt a bit silly for being worried. I swam over to the rest of my group as best as I could because I wasn’t used to wearing flippers and I hadn’t idea what I was doing.

Everyone was told that we would all hold hands, go face down in the water and swim for a minute or 2 before they started taking the air out of our jackets so that we would start drifting down to the bottom. Heart started racing again, anxiety creepy in as I put my mask back on and put the respirator in my mouth before taking 2 people by the hand and going face down in the water.

It sounds like the simplest thing to do but telling my body to breath normally was impossible. I told myself to breath in which I did but then I didn’t breath out, I was holding my breath. I told myself to breath out and I did but then panicked because I was under water and had just blown all the air out of lung.

“Breath in!” The voice screamed in my head but I couldn’t do it, I thought I was just going to suck in water if I took a breath in. I let go of the 2 people I was holding hands with and got my head out the water. One of the instructors, Will, had noticed something was wrong and was right there next to me. He got hold of me as I pulled the respirator out of my mouth and tried to take a big lungful of air. I was hyperventilating, couldn’t breathe properly, I was completely panicked and scared that the equipment was so heavy that it would pull me under the water. 

Then Will very calmly reminded me how to breath, sounds mega stupid but I really needed to be told. He held my hands and we took big deep breaths together until my breathing was back to normal. When I felt better, we swam over to a little beach so that I could stand upright in the water. This make me feel so much better and when I was ready, Will held my hand and we walked into the sea. He had me put the respirator in my mouth so that I could get used to breathing with it before my head went under the water again. He carried on holding my hand and stayed with me until I was back with the group and he was sure I was OK. I do not know what I would of done without Will, he was so professional and an absolutely amazing bloke.

  • me in suite

  • me in water

I then went on to have an amazing dive from the bottom of the Arian sea. I was down there for about an hour and loved every minute of it.

We went in a circle round one side of the boat for the first dive and then round in a circle on the other side of the boat for the second dive.

It was just out of this world, being so close to the fish, seeing the little caves where they lived, feeling the movement of the sea, gliding over rocks and trying not to bang your knees on said rocks haha.

One thing that was suggested to me before the dive and I would highly suggest to anyone who does one is to look up at the sky when you are at the bottom of the sea. It is a weirdly distorted but beautiful view to see and when I did it I thought, “that’s how fish see the world”. 


I loved it so much that I am saving up to do my PADI open water course.

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I love Crawley, I lived there for 4 years with my parents, worked and played there, still visit there now, so I know that it is a town that largely relies on Gatwick Airport for work and bringing people to town but it is also a brilliant location for going to London and Brighton as well. 

There are great transport links to Gatwick by bus from all over the town that runs 24 hours as it is used by people who work at the airport as well as people going on holiday. 

If you have an early flight and want to stay at a hotel to save a long drive, there are a lot of hotels at Gatwick or you could stay in one of the nearby hotels. The best that I would suggest if you don’t want to stay too close to the airport is the Travel Lodge that is in Crawley town centre. You are surrounded by lots of different places to eat like Subway, Pizza Express, Turtle Bay, Harvester, Bella Italia, TGI Fridays, KFC, The Punch Bowl, Jubilee Oak which is a Wetherspoons and so much more.  

You are also right next to a Morrison’s if you don’t want to go out and just want to get some snacks. 

The bus stop is just a few minutes walk away from the hotel and you will be at the airport before you know it. The bus is only £1.20 each so if you don’t mind getting the bus, it’s a lot easier as you get dropped off outside the terminal and it’s cheaper. 

A taxi from the town to Gatwick won’t be more than £10 unless there is lots of traffic. I have mainly got taxis very early in the morning and they have been between £6 and £9.  

There is a fast train that goes from Crawley to Gatwick as well so how ever you wish to get to the airport, there is a way. 

Brighton is only a 40 minute train ride or 20 minutes in a car. Although I would suggest booking tickets online for the train, it can be a very busy station and easier to just book online and pick your tickets up when you get to the station. You will have to change once at Three Bridges but the whole journey is still about 40 minutes. 

London is about 50 minutes away as well unless you get on the fast train to Gatwick, although this will be quicker, it is more expensive. The last train to Crawley from London Victoria is 23:36 but if you do somehow miss that train, there are trains hourly to Gatwick throughout the night so you could get the train to Gatwick and then a taxi to Crawley. So you could see a show or go out for dinner and still not have to worry about getting back. 

If you wonder into the town centre you will find Jubilee Square, a beautifully recently rebuilt area which just used to be a band stand and some fake grass has now been turned into a huge fountain that child run around in on hot days.  

There are loads of shops if you want to do a bit of shopping, Crawley has a huge shopping mall as well as all of the shops around the square and streets leading off of it. 

If you want some chill out time, there is a beautiful big memorial gardens. I used to have a job near the gardens one summer and loved having my lunches there in the sun. 

If you don’t mind going a bit further away from the town centre, there is Tilgate Park. It’s a little zoo with loads of different animals like cows, goats, meerkats, chickens, guinea pigs, owls, horses, reindeer, pigs, otters, kangaroos, emus, lemurs and so much more. It’s a great day out for the whole family. If you don’t want to go in the zoo, you can walk around the park which has a beautiful big lake and plenty of woodland. 

So there you have it, Crawley is an amazing place for anyone.

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My Adventure To Wales

Day 1 – Thursday 22nd March

As planned, we were in the car, topped up with petrol and on the motorway by 7am with no problems.

Going through the Dartford Crossing didn’t take too long on, it was slow but moving. If you ever go through the tunnel or over the bridge, the charge is to be paid online by midnight the day after your journey as they have cameras that scan your car license plate number. If you don’t pay the charge on time, you get charged a fee so make sure you get it done on time.

We got into 2 big traffic jams, one of which we were at a stand still for about 20 minutes. Otherwise we had a pretty good run seeing as most of the journey was on motorways.

We stopped for about an hour at the Northampton services after 3 hours of driving. It was nice just to have a walk around, use the toilet, get a McDonald’s breakfast wrap and a bit of a chill before heading out again.

After that, one of our stops was when we were going through a town called Knockin, as we were going through the lovely little streets, we saw a shop sign that said “The Knockin Shop”. The children inside all of us wouldn’t let us go past without having a picture taken outside it hahaha.

The views we saw as we were driving through North Wales were absolutely amazing, I could not believe how beautiful it all was. I took loads of pictures and some videos but they don’t do the view any justice. There were a few hills that our poor little car struggled to get up but managed it after we shouted a lot of encouragement haha.

When we got to Pwllheli, which is the nearest town to our cottage, we found the Asda super store to get our supplies for the weekend. It’s not a huge shop but plenty of what we needed with a nice big car park so no problem parking.

The roads that lead to the cottage are proper little country roads so we had to be really careful but we were ok.

When we got to cottage, we got inside and had a good wonder through the house to check it out. There will be a full blog post about it but for now it is a 3 bedroom cottage with a big kitchen, living room, bathroom and a garden. There is a fire in the living room that my friend Jason sorted so we could all get warm but there is a big arger in the kitchen and storage heaters in the bedrooms that keeps the cottage warm as well.


After the long day we had, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we had dinner of spaghetti Bolognese, had a bit of a read and then went to bed.

Day 2 – Friday 23rd March

After an awesome nights sleep, I ended up waking up early, just after 5am to be exact, feeling totally refreshed. I couldn’t believe the amazing views out the window, it was so surreal.

My hubby, Sean, and Jason were already up as well so we started getting ready for the day and having breakfast. Simone got up at 7 and then we all spent the next few hours chilling out before we left to go to the Sci-Fi weekender.

I won tickets to the convention through a competition and thought it would be the perfect excuse for a long weekend adventure. Lucky enough, so did Sean, Jason and Simone.

We were only at the convention for a couple of hours, had a good look around, took pictures of people in their awesome cosplay outfits, brought some bits, saw Emily Booth do a talk, got to meet her and then we left.

We popped into Pwllheli and we found a big car park near the sea front that was only £1 per hour. We had a good walk around the streets, did a bit of shopping and went for something to eat in a Wetherspoons pub called the Pen Cob.

I’ll be doing blog posts about Pwllheli and the Pen Cob where we went for food to give you more details.

None of us fancied driving along the country lanes in the dark so we made sure that we were back at the cottage before it started dark.

We were all really tired out, I think a mixture of getting up early and the lovely fresh air was taking it’s toll on us city folk haha.

After we had dinner which was leftovers from the night before, Simone had made enough for an army instead of just 4 people.


We’d picked up loads of attraction leaflets in the Asda in Pellheli so we all went through them seeing what there is to do. We did research online before the trip but we always find it good to pick up leaflets in case there is something we missed. We now have a good 4 things that we can do depending on the weather.

Day 3 – Saturday 24th March

Another beautiful view from the cottage windows this morning, I can’t get over having that sort of view, I think I will really miss when we go home.

We checked the weather forecast and made a make-shift plan for the day of what we could do out of the places we found last night and in our research.

We drove down to a National Trust site called Plas Ny Rhiw which is just down the road from our cottage. The site goes up into the hills but we wanted to go down to the beach so we had a look around and found a little footpath that took us most of the way down. There was one bit of the path that gave us the most amazing view of the beach which is called Devil’s Beach. We carried on down a path that looked like cars had been going up and down it but then we saw houses and wasn’t sure if we were actually on someone’s driveway so we walked back up to be on the safe side.

I got a text message from the Sci-Fi Weekender to say that they were having a sale on their t-shirts so we decided to pop down there to have a look at the sale and have another look around. We didn’t buy anything at the convention but we saw some more brilliant cosplay people and got some pictures in a huge deck chair.

Once we were done, we headed up to Glasfryn Parc which is only about 5 miles from Pwllheli. It’s an activities park that has go-karting, archery, bowling, clay pigeon shooting, segway safari, crazy golf, wakeboarding, kayaking, coarse fishing and camping. We tried archery, 3 of us had never tried it before, Jason was the only one who had but we all had a brilliant time. We were given a quick intro by a member of staff and then we were on our way. There was a man and a little boy when we first got there but they were only there for about 5 minutes and then we had the range to ourselves. There will be a separate post going into more detail about our visit.

We were going to go bowling as well but a few big groups of people turned up just before we went back into reception and had packed the place out. So we had a little chat and decided to go back down into Pwllheli to have a look around the harbour.

We parked up in the big car park that we were in yesterday and saw that the sweet shop was open so had a wonder over. It’s called Sugarcane and it has loads of really cool sweets and home made fudge in some seriously awesome flavours. I picked up Nutella, mint chocolate and Dr Pepper.


We did walk over the road to the harbour but there wasn’t anything there so we just had a look and then walked back to the car.

Day 4 – Saturday 25th March

Not a very good morning other than the amazing sunrise that I got to see.

We all got up early to make sure everything was packed and in the car for us to leave at 8am. No one was very talkative, we were all quite sad that the adventure had come to an end. We tidied up the house as much as we could, we’d had such a great stay that we wanted to make sure the lovely owner didn’t have to do much before the next lot of people stay there.

None of the shops were open except petrol stations so we topped up the car, grabbed some drinks and a few snacks before heading out.

We got to see the beautiful landscape again which was the best part. Although we did see a lot more sheep just wondering along the road which was a little worrying as we obviously didn’t want to run one over. I took a lot of pictures, a few videos and even did some live posts on Twitter and Facebook.

We only stopped the once on the way home, we all just wanted to get home. It was just for an hour to get something to eat and walk around a little.


Got home mid afternoon, seems really weird not being in our little Welsh cottage. We were only there for 4 nights but we totally fell in love with it and Wales. I really want to go back but I want to explore a different part.

Day 5 – Monday 25th March

Not a very good morning other than the amazing sunrise that I got to see.

We all got up early to make sure everything was packed and in the car for us to leave at 8am. No one was very talkative, we were all quite sad that the adventure had come to an end. We tidied up the house as much as we could, we’d had such a great stay that we wanted to make sure the lovely owner didn’t have to do much before the next lot of people stay there.

None of the shops were open except petrol stations so we topped up the car, grabbed some drinks and a few snacks before heading out.

We got to see the beautiful landscape again which was the best part. Although we did see a lot more sheep just wondering along the road which was a little worrying as we obviously didn’t want to run one over. I took a lot of pictures, a few videos and even did some live posts on Twitter and Facebook.

We only stopped the once on the way home, we all just wanted to get home. It was just for an hour to get something to eat and walk around a little.


Got home mid afternoon, seems really weird not being in our little Welsh cottage. We were only there for 4 nights but we totally fell in love with it and Wales. I really want to go back but I want to explore a different part.

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Our Amazing Holiday At The Sunbeam

The Sunbem is one of the best hotels that I have stayed in, it is perfect in so many ways.

It is in a fantastic location, it is in Kardamena but not too close to the bars that is it noisy yet it only takes 5 minutes to walk into the centre of Kardamena. It is on the end of Silver Beach as well as having it has its own beach and steps into the sea.

There is free wifi which has a strong connection when you are in the restaurant and on the beach. We had trouble with it when we were in our room but I think that was because we were 2 floors up from where the router was kept. We could get a good signal on the balcony off of the bedroom and on that side of the bedroom but it would keep dropping out anywhere else in the apartment.

The restaurant is quite cheap and you get amazing tasting meals. I loved the moussaka and my husband really liked the mixed grill. We eat there a few times for lunch and dinner and was never disappointed. The food can sometimes take a while to come out but that is because they cook a lot of it fresh and it is always worth the wait, we never had a disappointing meal.

We had quite a lot of the menu from the pizzas, BBQ chicken, moussaka, mixed grill, the full English breakfast and omelettes. All were delicious.

The menu is huge so there is a lot to choose from, most of the food comes with rice, chips and vegetables (broccoli and carrots) but if there is something you don’t like, you just have to say and they will make sure it is how you like it.

As you can see from my pictures, the portions aren’t small either so don’t expect a light meal from here haha. It will fill you up for the rest of the day if you go lunch.

The rooms are basic but they have everything that you need. Comfy beds, TV, fridge, hot plate, microwave, kettle, bathroom and plenty of space. When we booked our holiday, we had booked a studio as it was extra for an apartment but when we arrived, we were told that we were given the best and most beautiful room and it was. We had room 203 on the second floor and oh my it was the best. We walked straight into the kitchen with a table, fridge, microwave, hot plate, big cupboard and sink. Leading off in front of us was the bathroom which was a wet room and a good size even with the sink and toilet in there as well.

Back through the kitchen and we come to the living room/second bedroom that had a double bed, a seat and the doors that went out to a huge sun terrace that I think was the same size as the apartment. If there had been sun loungers on it, I don’t think we would of left the apartment very much haha. There was 2 washing lines already set up, some patio furniture and the most amazing view of the sea, Silver Beach and the start of the Kardamena sea front.

Back in the living room, there is a door that goes through to the main bedroom. It was 2 single beds pushed together, a TV on the wall, a huge wardrobe with more than enough hangers, bedside tables, a desk, a big mirror, the hairdryer and the doors that go out onto a small balcony. Yes, we also had a balcony! We had the best view of the sunrises from this balcony and we saw straight down onto the hotel beach.

The cleaning lady came in most days, she is a lovely lady. She saw that we rolled a blanket up and put it between the mattresses so that there wasn’t a gap and she found a thicker blanket for us to use in the gap instead. I thought that was lovely of her.

The only thing that was a bit of a pain was that there isn’t a lift so if you aren’t very good with stairs, make sure you ask for a room on the 1st floor.

Andrious, the owner, is a brilliant man. Always welcoming, asking how we are, what are we up to that day and then how was our day. He knew how much I liked the moussaka so when the chefs had decided to do one last patch for the year, Andrious made sure to tell me so that I could have it one last time. He never takes a day off, he is always on the go looking after everyone and he always had a lovely big smile for us. I think that all of the staff are family so it’s a really nice atmosphere and they are always so nice.

I don’t know how he does it but when you go up to him to pay, he remembers everything that you have had and doesn’t have anything written down to remind him. The restaurant could be packed and he will be able to tell you what each table has ordered. He’s amazing!

The beach is fantastic with lots of sunbeds and steps that go into the sea because it is surrounded by rocks. The water is crystal clear and warm no matter what time of day it was, I enjoyed snorkelling and swimming in it nearly everyday. Although on hot days, the sand can get really hot so be careful.

I was really surprised one morning to see that there was a man on the beach putting his family’s towels onto sun loungers before the sun had even come up. I woke up early and realised I could get a great picture of the sun coming up, walked out onto my balcony and heard voices. I looked down and there was a man putting the towels out and speaking to a lady. Now that is dedication to spending a day in the sun haha.

There is a little shop opposite the hotel but I would highly suggest going to Louis’ at the top of the main High Street for the big food shop as there is a lot more choice and it is cheaper. We mainly used the little shop if we needed drinks or snacks.





We have talked about going back to Kos and we both agree that we would love to stay at the Sunbeam again, I can see why there are so many people that return year after year. We had a look at dates for next year (2019) while we were still there and the hotel is already fully booked.

  • 20181005_100206
  • 20181018_141936

  • 20181009_144447
  • 20181011_135345
  • 20181013_143356
  • 20181013_151814
  • 20181016_124429
  • 20181016_124431
  • 20181018_123424
  • 20181018_123734
  • 20181005_173030
  • 20181006_211205
  • 20181005_173013
  • 20181018_123426

  • 20181004_184401
  • 20181004_184923
  • 20181004_184433
  • 20181004_184439
  • 20181004_184920
  • 20181004_184937

  • 20181004_184404
  • 20181004_184421
  • 20181004_184423
  • 20181004_184435

  • 20181005_071449
  • 20181005_071452
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Chilling By The Pool At The Kris Mari

We came here a few times to use the pool. The deal is that you buy something and you can stay. So we used to get a big bottle of water or some cans of drink so that we could stay there for a while.

The pool is fresh water and it is not heated so if you get into it first thing in the morning, it will be very cold. It warms up a little throughout the day but not by much. It’s fine once you get in and get used to it.

We found the staff really nice and chatty but we only saw the outside barman and maintenance man so I can’t speak for the other. Hopefully they are just as nice.

We spoke to a few people staying there who said it is nice to stay there but they had had different experiences with the staff.


We only eat here once and that was when I had the chicken giro. It is basically a kebab but the meat and chips are wrapped in a soft round pita bread. It’s so funny, a little strange at first as I’m not used to having a kebab that way but it works!

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Lovely Food At The Old West

  • DSC_0103(1)
  • DSC_0104(1)
  • DSC_0109(1)
  • DSC_0110(1)

 This place is brilliant!

 Loads of different beers from all over the world, a good cocktail list and amazing food.

 One thing I will say is don’t expect small portions, everything we saw come out for other people as well as our own food was huge portions. And all delicious!

 We didn’t have to wait long for food either, the service time between ordering the food and it coming to the table was great and it was a bit busy as well.

I had the BBQ ribs with chips, there wasn’t any room for anything else on the plate haha. The ribs meat was just falling off the bone, absolutely perfect. My husband had a burger that looked like it was as big as his head and even though he said it was an amazing burger, he just couldn’t eat it all. We got mozzarella sticks as a side dish but didn’t get through them all as there was just so much food. 

I loved all the wild west and drinks memorabilia on the walls, its like a mini museum of the world.

The staff were great too, really friendly and chatty when it wasn’t busy.

  • DSC_0112(1)
  • DSC_0113
  • DSC_0111
  • DSC_0110(1)
  • DSC_0109(1)

We had been in Pompeii for 6 days and only found Old West on the last day as it is a little bit hidden from the main street, if we had come across it earlier, I think we would have gone in there every day haha.


So if you want really good food that isn’t badly priced, get yourself to Old West!!

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My Stay At The Riverside Hotel


Stayed here for 1 night with my parents, uncle and my husband so we were spread over 3 rooms.


It isn’t hard to find but we did think that Google maps was taking us the wrong way as we were on a road with construction sites on it. We soon found a lovely little hide away next to a river with a beautiful big garden.


I was sure I knew the hotel from somewhere and then realised that I had stayed there 12 years before when my cousin got married. It hadn’t changed much in that time to be honest but I still liked it.



  • river 19

  • river 1
  • river 11
  • river 13

There is no noise at night, it’s just so nice and quiet. There is a lovely big outdoor seating area that my husband and I enjoyed sitting in and having a cup of tea together in the morning.


We got our keys from reception, the price of the room had been paid when booking so didn’t have to worry about that. If you do take the option of paying later, you need to pay on your last nights stay. The reception is in the entrance to the bar which has quite a big lounge with plenty of tables, chairs and some sofas.



They didn’t have any double rooms left so we all had twin rooms. The room was simple with 2 single beds, a desk that held the little flat screen TV, kettle, tea and coffee, cups and our breakfast which was croissants and cereal. The fridge had a carton of milk, 2 raspberry yoghurt and 2 orange juice cartons. There was a huge wardrobe with shelves and some coat hangers. The room has a lovely big size so plenty of room to move around and didn’t feel crammed in.

The bathroom was a good size with a nice big shower, toilet and sink. They do provide little bottles of shampoo and bars of soap but I had my own with me. The shower was a little fiddly to begin with but once I found the right temperature, it was all good.



  • river 2
  • river 8
  • river 10
  • river 6
  • river 7

  • river 3
  • river 4
  • river 5
  • river 12

There isn’t any aircon in the room so we took the duvets off the bed and slept without them because it was so hot. There was only one window which was above one of the beds so we kept that open all the time so any breeze would come in and chill the room. It was nicely decorated with London paintings and light colours.


The bed and pillows were ok, we didn’t have a bad nights sleep but it could have been a little bit better, the mattresses felt a bit on the hard side.

There isn’t a hairdryer in the room, you need to go to reception and ask for one, we also needed to ask for an iron but that is the same in most hotels.


There is free wifi which was a really good connection, it didn’t drop once for me while we were there. The password for the wifi is on a piece of paper in the room, ours was on the bedside table between the beds.


Between the reception and the building that the rooms are in, there is a big gate. If you go through it, there is a lovely little river. It was the perfect place to just sit down and enjoy the sun.


If you are going out and won’t be back before 11pm, you will need to make sure that you write down or take a picture of the gate code as 11pm is when the gate is locked.


What I thought was great was that after we had checked out and left the hotel, we had a phone call to say that my husband had forgotten his wallet. Instead of them saying that we had to go back for it, they posted it to us the next day. That was going above and beyond for a customer.


I would recommend staying here as it’s a great location for Heathrow airport or just a little get away.

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Hotel Forum Via Roma

  • hotel forum


I can’t think of one thing wrong with this hotel. Everywhere was always clean and tidy, it had a great modern feel throughout the building.




Our room was huge with a little balcony that faced the Pompeii ruins but there is a line of trees so you can’t actually see the ruins but you have a great view of the street. We had a huge bed that was seriously comfortable, 2 big desks, one of which had the minibar under it and the other had the TV on it. A huge wardrobe which had hangers, a small chest of drawers and the safe inside. One part I did like was that there was a buzzer for the door on both sides of the bed so we didn’t have to get up to answer the door when our friends knocked for us.



  • hotel forum2
  • hotel forum6

  • hotel forum4
  • hotel forum5

All the plug sockets in the room also had USB sockets which was a big plus for me. The bathroom is a good size with a big bath and shower, a wall fixed toilet, nice big mirror with a little mirror on an extending arm and a bidet. We were given loads of towels, dressing gowns, slippers, shower gel, shampoo, nail kit and sewing kit.


The breakfast was the same every day, scrambled eggs, little frankfurter sausages, different breads, mixed fruit bowl, fresh fruit, milk, soya milk, yoghurt, different cereals, lots of tea, coffee, snacks, ham, cheese and some other bits. You could eat in the breakfast room or sit outside in the garden which is lovely when it’s sunny. We mainly sat inside but one morning it was so sunny that we had some food inside but then went outside with our bowls of cereal and drinks to enjoy the garden.

  • hotel forum10
  • hotel forum11
  • hotel forum12

Speaking of the garden, it is beautiful and a great place to sit and relax with lots of seating in the sun and the shade. They have lots of lemon trees and other plants so it smells fantastic.


They have a bar in reception with a few tables and they do snacks throughout the day. There is a lift and stairs to all the floors.


The staff were lovely, very friendly and they even helped us to book a trip to Vesuvius and called us a taxi another day. When we first arrived, we were early so only one of our rooms was ready. The staff let our friends check in so we could all sit in their room while the other was cleaned. They then called us when the other room was ready so we could check in. The room was cleaned everyday except a few days when we put up a do no disturb sign so they left our clean towels, toiletries and toilet paper on a stool outside our room for us.



  • hotel forum3
  • hotel forum7

  • hotel forum8
  • hotel forum9

The wifi in the hotel is great, had no problems at all with it during our stay and had a great signal everywhere in the hotel.


The location of the hotel is perfect. You have an entrance to the Pompeii ruins over the road, you are surrounded by cafes and restaurants, there is a Carrfour supermarket just down the road and it’s a 5 minute car ride to the train station. It was all perfect for us and what we wanted to do.


Would gladly stay here again, no question about it

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The Madeira Harvester

  • harvester


This is one of my favourite Harvesters, always clean, friendly, good service and good food.


If you can get a seat by the window, you will get a great view out to the pier and the sea.


There is an outside seating area which is nice if you are going to have drinks on a sunny day, I haven’t seen many people have meals outside but I’m sure it’s fine to do that.


The food is always really nice no matter what we ordered and if it wasn’t too busy, the food would be quite quick to come out.




The staff are always really friendly and help you out if you aren’t sure what to have, they will give you their best recommendations based on what you tell them you fancy eating. I love the full rack of ribs here, the meat just falls off of the bone and the BBQ sauce is perfect. My husband loves the mixed grill, everything comes out just how he likes it, he’s never been disappointed. My mum likes to have the hunters chicken which is BBQ chicken, she likes the BBQ sauce as much as I do haha.


The breakfast is all-you-can-eat on cold food like cereals, toast, juice drinks, jam, marmite, milk, etc. If you would like hot food like sausage, eggs, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, etc, you will need to order the hot food but this means that you get your breakfast exactly how you want it. So if you want 4 sausages, 5 rashers of bacon and loads of baked beans, that is what you will get.


It can get really packed on weekends, especially if the sun is out, so book a table by calling them or using the Harvester app so you know you have a table.


There isn’t really any parking nearby unless you have a disabled badge or can find a spot along the seafront which can be quiet tricky.

  • harvester2

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El Mirador

  • DSC_0019
  • DSC_0008_12
  • DSC_0007_14
  • DSC_0007
  • DSC_0006


We stayed at the hotel nearby for a week and we eat here three times seeing as it was less than a minute walk from our room.


The food was delicious each time, the staff were lovely, they spoke brilliant English and knew their food because I asked for a recommendation on each of our visits and the staff helped me pick what to have.


The set meal is only about 15 euros and you get three courses, it is a total bargain considering how much food you are given.



Over our three visits I had the Nebraska beefsteak with pepper sauce, the fish balls, lasagne, sirloin pork in pepper sauce and meatballs with tomato sauce. All of which was amazing, there wasn’t anything bad about any of the food. The Nebraska beefsteak was my favourite, it was cooked perfectly and tasted fantastic.


There is outdoor and indoor seating, the outdoor seating has an amazing view of the bay and there is always a lovely breeze to keep you cool when it is hot.


It can get quite busy in the evening so if you are going in a big group, it may be worth going in at lunch time to book a table. Just to be on the safe side.


There is a pool as well to the side of the restaurant for people to use, I didn’t use it during any of my visits but I did see other people using it and they looked like they were having a great time.


I would gladly go back there for a meal if I was in the area again, I can’t recommend it enough.

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  • DSC_0010
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  • DSC_0012
  • DSC_0013
  • DSC_0014
  • DSC_0015
  • DSC_0001_20
  • DSC_0005
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I have only flown twice with Ryanair and both times the flight was running late so I wasn’t massively happy but we didn’t have any connecting journeys after the flights so it wasn’t too bad.


The seats were OK, not too small and sort of comfy, we were on an hour flight to Glasgow so it was OK for that hour.


There was a group of people behind us talking and we heard them say that they were charged extra for having their boarding passes printed off for them. It did make me wonder why they hadn’t done it themselves anyway, we had checked in, sorted our seats and printed off the boarding passes. So if you take anything from this post, take the tip of making sure you log into the website to check in, do your seats, print off the documents you need,  etc or you are going to get charged for Ryanair staff to do it for you.


The flight was short so we didn’t eat any of the food that was offer, didn’t think it was worth it when we could just get something in Glasgow when we landed.


Booking the flights was done online and it was very easy as well as checking-in and selecting our seats. There was no problems there at all.


I think I would fly with Ryanair again as long as it was a short flight, I know they have had a lot of bad press but in my experience, they were OK, just ran a bit late.


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Feathers Bar And Grill

  • Feathers wings


I love it here, the food portions on some of the main meals is huge and I’ve never had a bad meal.


My favourite thing to order is the piri piri chicken wings, they are just the right amount of spicy for me without leaving me begging for milk.


My husband likes the burgers because they are always really tasty and come out huge.


It’s a big place but if the football is on, it can get packed really quickly so if you know you are going there for dinner, contact them to book a table.


There is a big outdoor sitting area which is great when it is warm out as there are lots of tables and chairs so that you can enjoy your food outside.



They do food challenges, I did the fiery chicken wings challenge a while a go and fiery was not the word I would use for how spicy those chicken wings were. I like my food spicy, I love getting a vindaloo when we go for a curry but those chicken wings beat me. I was begging my husband to get me a glass of milk as I really did feel like there was a fire in my mouth. He was cheeky and refused but the lovely barmaid saved me by bringing a glass of milk round to me. I’m not even going to go into details about the stomach ache that followed haha.


They have themed nights so on Monday and Tuesday it is Steak That where you get an 8oz rump steak for £5. Fridays is Free Beer Friday where you get a free beer when you buy a steak dinner. Thursdays is BOGOF Burgers and Sundays they have Sunday roasts that are 2 for £12.


This place is basically a great place to come for great food that isn’t too pricey and kids are welcome so the whole family can go.


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