South Italy

I had an amazing 6 days in Italy.

We stayed in Pompeii but also had a day trip to Sorrento seeing as it was only a short train ride away.

Had the pleasure of staying in Pompeii for 6 days in September.

I had a fantastic time but one thing I must say is that there is not much to do in Pompei. If you are going for the ruins or the church then great, but once you have done those, that is all there is so if you are looking for a quiet place to stay as a base to go to other places, Pompeii is perfect for you.

The ruins can easily take 2-3 days if you are going to walk around and properly look at everything. It is 13 euros each no matter what time of day you go in so if you want to see as much as possible, go as soon as they open so that you have a full day of exploring. When we went, there was a Pink Floyd exhibit in the Amphitheater which my husband really enjoyed. It was very interesting to walk around the big stone streets, it’s so easy to imagine what it must have been like. They do have an app that you can use around the site which shows what buildings looked like, I tried to get the app but my data wasn’t working properly on my phone. You see some of the bodies in little glass buildings when you first go in, I didn’t think it was going to upset me as much as it did. One of them is curled up in a ball, some had their mouths open in a scream, there was one that you could still clearly see his clothes and even his sandals.

The hotel we stayed in was the Hotel Forum Via Roma which is just opposite one of the ruin entrances. A very beautiful 4 star hotel, we had no complaints at all. Everything was perfect, the room, the staff, the breakfast, the hotel was perfect.

One thing I did find strange is that on a Saturday night, all the teenagers walk up and down the streets. Normally in groups but they don’t cause any trouble. They are all quite polite and respectful, I didn’t feel intimidated at all. It’s actually quite safe any night but it’s just really crowded on a Saturday night.

The train station isn’t far from the main street if you don’t mind walking or its 10 euros in a taxi. Just in case you aren’t aware, if you order a taxi over the phone, the meter starts when the taxi starts it’s journey to you, it’s not when they pick you up so keep that in mind.

Watch out for the tour operators in the street, they normally work out of a shop but they come out into the street. The tours mainly just cover transport, they don’t cover admission to the attraction so double check what you are paying for if you book anything.

The is a carrefour shopping market at the beginning of the main street when you are coming from the train station. It’s not huge but it has all the basics you will need. Bread, ham, milk, water, crisps, fruit, veg, etc so if you are on a budget, you can easily get food and drink from here.

One cafe that I love going to was We Love Pura, it mainly serves gelato in a wide range of flavours but it also has rope swings! Yes, you read that right, rope swings! There is one behind a table at the very front so I could sit and have a little swing while eating Nutella gelato. It’s so much fun.


There are some lovely restaurants that we went to while we stayed there. Our favourite was The Old West which is a wild west themed bar that has huge, delicious meals that are very meaty. They do have vegetarian options but there are more burgers, steaks and ribs on offer. My husband asked for the biggest burger they did and that’s exactly what he got hahaha, it was so big that it had a steak knife down the middle of it to keep it all together. I had the ribs which were beautifully done, the meat fell off the bone and the sauce was amazing. It wasn’t badly priced either, we both had starters, mains, I had some cocktails, my husband had some beers and it only came to about 50 euros for the pair of us.

If you want to go up Vesuvius, try speaking to your hotel before booking with one of the tour operators. We got a car from our hotel to Vesuvius for 17 euros each but still had to pay admission which 10 euros each so all together, per person it was 27 euros. If you are on a budget, you cab get a coach from the train station for 3,40 euros so it would only be 13,30 euros each. You don’t get driven to the very top, you are about 200m from the top but it is a winding pathway which I’m sure is at least a mile long, if not longer as it took me 40 minutes to walk up. There is a gift shop at the top to get some souvenirs, drinks, bottles of wine and they have their own tours to take you around the top.