I only had the pleasure of staying in Menorca for a week when I went on holiday with my mum for a chilled out holiday of sea, sand and pina coladas.
I loved everything about Menorca. The food was always amazing, they celebrate their history everywhere you go, they are proud of their culture and love to share it with you.
The locals that we met were more than happy to talk to us about the town, giving us great recommendations of places to go and what food to try. We just felt so welcome everywhere that we explored.
The Spanish are very passionate about their food so expect good food in the restaurants and cafes.
If you get to go to one of the markets, you are in for a treat as there are so many bargains that you can pick up. I’m a larger person so I sometimes find it hard to pick up nice clothes in my size but at the market in Mahon was brilliant because they had clothes of all sizes and got all of my presents to take home for people.
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