The Unplanned Road Trip

For 19 days from Thursday the 18th of April to Monday the 6th of May, my husband and I went on a road trip around the South East, South West, Wales and the Midlands but there was a big twist…… There was only a few things that were booked which was the beginning of the trip in Portsmouth as we both really wanted to go to the Mary Rose Museum and the end of the trip in Nottingham to see my sister.

We did not book any tours, accommodation or attractions until the day before or on the day when we had actually decided what we were going to do. We did not have set days to be anywhere so we could go anywhere and do anything.

Now, for people who know me well, know that I am very big on planning trips well in advance. I like to book things so that I know what I am going to be doing and where I will be so this was completely out of my comfort zone and thought it would work out terrible but it was actually lots of fun.

We had a few places that we had picked out that we wanted to go to along the way like Portsmouth, Beer, St Ives, Bath, St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, Cardiff and Bristol and we managed to get to most of those places. Only missed a few due to the weather and days when we just wanted to press on with driving.
We used a number of apps along the way to help us out such as Trip Advisor, and Google apps as they use locations to give suggestions.
Please click the tiles below to see what I got up to on the road trip and remember that there is still more to come 
Day 1-5
Day 6-11
12 - 19